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15 Microwave Oven Safety Tips That Will Keep Your Family Safe

15 microwave safety tips

While the concept of the magical kitchen appliance—microwave oven dates back to many decades, it was only in the late 90s that it found its real use and acceptability in the households in both developed and developing countries.

The appliance that is credited for not only efficiently and quickly heating the cooked food and preparing certain food items in a perfect manner, but is also known for its technology that retains the nutrients in the food—while efficiently utilizing energy.

cooking food in a microwave

Compact microwave ovens have revolutionized the households over the past decades.

By now, a microwave oven forms a vital and integral part of almost every household worldwide.

However, it is important for you to consider and follow certain safety tips to protect your home and prevent any untoward incidents caused due to microwave accidents or hazards.

Take a look at the 15 important microwave safety tips all moms should be aware of.