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How To: Promote Yourself Using Social Media

Promote yourself with social media

It goes without saying that in this digital era, it takes less than seconds to propagate the intended news and/or information to a wide audience. Fortunately, people are embracing these technological advancements using them to their advantage. Like all professions, people in entertainment industry have a lot to benefit from it.

For instance, artists, and music bands have a platform they can use to showcase their talents in turn wooing a lot of fans to themselves. If you are an artist, it is time to make good use of the social media and other online tools to market yourself.

The most popular and most visited social media sites are the following: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest. These are considered to be essential places to have a social presence and engage with your fans. Have a look at some of your favorite music artist and see how they are using each platform to help you get great ideas for yourself.

Here, are a few tips to help you promote yourself using online tools and social media sites.

1. Separate your professional and personal profiles – one way of showing your fans how serious you are is by separating your own personal life from your professional life. Remember, they are interested in the professional you, not the personal you. With a professional profile, you get the freedom to post all your work related posts without worrying of boring people who are close to you with a lot of work stuff.