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15 Microwave Oven Safety Tips That Will Keep Your Family Safe

15 microwave safety tips

While the concept of the magical kitchen appliance—microwave oven dates back to many decades, it was only in the late 90s that it found its real use and acceptability in the households in both developed and developing countries.

The appliance that is credited for not only efficiently and quickly heating the cooked food and preparing certain food items in a perfect manner, but is also known for its technology that retains the nutrients in the food—while efficiently utilizing energy.

cooking food in a microwave

Compact microwave ovens have revolutionized the households over the past decades.

By now, a microwave oven forms a vital and integral part of almost every household worldwide.

However, it is important for you to consider and follow certain safety tips to protect your home and prevent any untoward incidents caused due to microwave accidents or hazards.

Take a look at the 15 important microwave safety tips all moms should be aware of.

How To: Keep Kids Entertained During Holidays

Kids Entertainment Ideas

Many parents find it difficult to come up with ways to entertain their kids especially during the holidays when they spend most of their time at home. But it is possible to keep your children busy.

The secret is to find age appropriate activities that they will enjoy.

Here are a few ideas to help you.

1. Cook Simple Meals

Cupe cake cooking

Simple baking

Try simple recipes with your children during the holidays. This is a great way for them to learn about cooking. It also allows you to spend quality time with them. Cooking is a great activity for both boys and girls. It is ideal for children who can access the worktops to allow them to participate fully.

You can also use a stool to make it easy for them to reach the kitchen surfaces. One of the easiest options is cupcakes. Getting them in the kitchen also allows them to see the effort that goes into preparing some of the foods they enjoy eating.

2. Set Up a Hair and Beauty Salon

If you have young girls who seem keen on fashion, set up a hair and beauty salon in one of your bedrooms. You can spend time trying different hair styles, color and makeup options. Make sure you have a stylish mirror and chair and allow your girls to experiment with different hair and skin products.

It will be fun to see what they come up with. This is an opportunity for them to explore their creativity.

3. Write Stories

Encourage your children to either draw or write short stories. The stories can be about your family, friends or anything else that they find interesting. Writing stories allows them to develop their imagination. You can help your child to write the story.

If you have more than one child, you can ask them to write a chain story. In this case, the first child writes the initial paragraph and shows the next one the last line to allow them to continue the story. Once the story is complete, you can read it out loud.

4. Other Indoor Activities

Entertaining kids with indoor games

Indoor games

On days when it raining or snowing and the weather does not allow for outdoor activities, then this calls for a number of indoor games and puzzles to keep the kids amused.

In this world of technology, it might be easy to just hand your child an ipad.This could keep them entertained for hours, but you might want to go old school and try some board games and puzzles.

If you dont have these in your house you can do a search online and you will find sites that have downloadable activities for kids, coloring in sheets, worksheets, games and puzzle.

5. Camp

Camping is another fun activity that you can organize to keep your kids entertained during the holidays.

You can set up a tent in your backyard or indoors. This is a great idea to allow them to experience something right at home.

6. Garden

Gardening with your kids


Children enjoy playing with dirt and gardening offers them an opportunity to get dirty with your permission.

You can make a vegetable patch or plants seedlings in containers. This will teach your children about plants and how they can take care of them.

Herbs are a great option if you want to garden with your children because they grow quickly. This will allow them to see the results of their effort.

7. Host Dance Parties

Another great way to entertain your children is to host dance parties. Invite their friends and select some of their favorite music and allow them to dance for as long as they want. You have to keep them energized with several snacks and drinks.This is a great idea for children who are at least 8 years old.

It will allow them to interact with their friends in a happy setting.