10 Things You Need Before Travelling Overseas

What to take when travelling Overseas

Overseas travel, except when needed for emergency purposes, is something you should think through and prepare for. If it is your first time to travel, preparations may take longer but if you have been travelling overseas several times, you will have much less trouble when preparing your journey.

Here are some important things that you should know about before you travel abroad.

The Top 10 Overseas Travel Essentials

There are a lot of things you need to prepare, before you travel. Here are some of the essentials you must remember:

1. Travel documents

The number one thing you need before travelling are your necessary travel documents. While some countries may require other documents, the most commonly required travel document is a valid passport. A passport is important for the destination country to have valid proof in determining your identity and citizenship. You should also purchase travel insurance, that cover any possible situation, especially illness and injury.

2. Immunizations

Vaccinations for certain contagious disorders are also essential when travelling to high-risk countries. This is to ensure your health while you travel and avoid being infected while you are in a foreign place.

3. Research

Do your research on the area your are visiting. It is also very important for you to have a well-founded knowledge about the country you are traveling to. Aside from knowing the climate of the place, the language of the people and the kind of foods eaten, you must also know about the culture and customs as well as the proper “outfit” in the specific region. WikiTravel is a good resource for research.

4. Transport maps

If you are planning to drive in your country of destination, you must equip yourself with a transport map or a device (Google Maps with street view or Google Earth) that you can use to determine your location. This is to save time when touring the area and going around the country.

5. Sufficient finances

It is expected of you to spend when travelling overseas. As such, you must prepare enough money to fund and enjoy your stay tour. It is recommed to travel with some local currency for your arrival, for taxis or other immediate need. You should also make sure to save some money that you will use when you get back from travel.

6. Memory cards and batteries

Overseas travel for pleasure is definitely exciting. Don’t risk capturing important moments because you have insufficient space in your memory cards or your batteries ran empty. Take a lot of pictures and freeze every memory by having large-space memory cards and batteries.

7. Suitcase with locks

Packing your things in a good-quality suitcase is also very important. To protect your things and important belongings, you must place locks when necessary.

8. Communication gadgets

Aside from your handy mobile phone, (talk to your mobile provided about roaming charges, before you leave) you also need active social media accounts to update your family and friends with the progress of your travel.

9. Enough medications

You should also prepare enough supplies of medications for the travel. If you are on maintenance drugs, make sure to have enough for the entire span of your stay in the country. You also need to prepare medications for body pain, cough and colds and other ordinary disorders.

10. Phrase book

A phrase book can save your life when you are traveling in a foreign land with a language not very familiar to you. Use your phrase book whenever you need to communicate.

Lastly, you need to prepare yourself well before traveling. Don’t take alcoholic beverages before the travel and have enough hours of sleep. Traveling at full health can make your trip the best it can ever be.